Dr.Szalay Alkaline pH9

Multiple purified, cleaned alkaline water

Why is the DR.SZALAY ALKALINE pH9 good?

Most of the food taken into the body except vegetables dissolves into materials with acidic pH.   Nevertheless during metabolism our body also continuously produces acids: uric acid, lactic acid, carbonic acid, acetic acid…

The human body however operates best in a slightly alkaline range. If the acid level is too high our body will not be able to extract the acids and accumulates them in body tissue (in the fatty tissue: the grease bounds the acid, hence it is hard to dispose it, obesity (!), etc.).

The calcium is also a very good antacid material that is why it absorbs it from the different organs, bones, teeth so this leads to osteoporosis and cavities. When there is nothing more to neutralize the excess acid the destruction of more important organs follows.

In the acidic body the parasites (germs, viruses, funguses, Candida) multiples, which also start to produce acids and toxins, releasing them into our body further worsening the situation.

Most of the time the following illnesses can be traced back to acidosis: diabetes, rheumatism, osteoporosis, festers, heartburn, allergies, eczemas, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, heat wave, liver problems, hair loss, strong body odor, etc.

The DR.SZALAY ALKALINE is a multiple purified, sterilized drinking water with pH9 so it superbly supports the restoration